Angie & Nate’s Engagement Session, Colonel Denning State Park, Newville, PA

June 3, 2022

Angie & Nate’s Engagement Session, Colonel Denning State Park, Newville, PA

The Engagement Session

When I met Angie & Nate, it seemed like we had known each other for years!  We had so much fun laughing and joking around that the Engagement Session went by in the blink of an eye. Their Engagement Session took place at Colonel Denning State Park.  Here is the history of the area:


William Denning, (1737-1830) American Revolution veteran for whom the park is named, was never a colonel but he is deserving of a place in history for his manufacturing of wrought iron cannons. William Denning served his country as a sergeant from March 1778 to April 1780 in Nathaniel Irish’s Company of Artillery Artificers in Benjamin Flower’s Regiment. Denning was stationed just outside of Carlisle, PA at Washingtonburg Forge, now Carlisle Barracks. The forge provided armaments for the Continental Army, including cannons. It is at this forge that William Denning made wrought iron cannons in a process of welding gads (strips) of wrought iron in successive layers to produce a cannon lighter and better able to resist failure during firing than cast iron cannons.

Unfortunately, none of Denning’s cannons survive today. Historical documents help us imagine from what Denning’s cannons looked like. It is also not known when or who added the colonel to Sergeant William Denning’s name. After the Revolution, William Denning lived out his life near Newville, PA and is interred with his only son and daughter in the Big Spring Presbyterian Church in Newville. His monument reads Blacksmith and Forger of Wrought Iron Cannon.

The park became a state recreational area about 1930, under the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, and was developed formally in 1936 through the efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp S-111 in Perry County.

Angie & Nate plan to get married in May of 2023 and Shay Scala Photography hopes they have an amazing wedding day!
Here is their love story as they wrote it:

How you met?

Nate contacted my coworker which they used to be school mates and asked if she knew any single friends and she said actually yes I do!! Then she gave him my information and then he contacted me and at that point he was driving to Texas on vacation so I talk to him all the way from Pennsylvania all the way to Texas to keep him awake of course.

How you fell in love?

You know when you have met your person, We are each other‘s person. It was just so natural and it felt like home. We embodied what each other wanted as a significant other. Angie‘s craziness and Nate‘s calmness just works so well.

How did you propose?

On Christmas Eve, Nate proposed in front of my kids and his family All while we were opening our last family Christmas gift together.

What are you most excited about with planning your wedding?

To be honest….EVERYTHING!!!

Your love story is made into a movie….what would you title it?

The crazy love adventure

Describe your relationship in 5 words!

Always an adventure, never boring!

Something that means the most to you!

Each other’s passion for love and family!