Chrissy & Greg’s Engagement Session, Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA

October 2, 2022

Chrissy & Greg’s Engagement Session

Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, PA



We had such a great time at Chrissy & Greg’s Engagement Session at Caledonia State Park in Fayetteville, PA!  It was fun, romantic, exciting and we had a ton of laughs!  They even brought along their favorite beer to toast one another….Sweet Baby Jesus!!  Chrissy & Greg plan to get married at Gitt Memorial Library in October of 2023 and Shay Scala Photography can’t wait to be a small part in their amazing wedding day!


We met at the Norland Pub in February of 2019. I was having dinner with a friend at the bar after attending a funeral. We were sitting at the end of the bar, beside an older man with just one open seat on the end.  Greg walked in with 2 friends to have a few drinks, celebrating one of those friends recovery after a heart attack.  That friend took the last open seat at the bar.  Once the older gentlemen left, his other friend took that seat. I looked up and saw Greg leaning on the back of the barstool behind his friend.  He and I locked eyes, and he quickly turned his head forward again. I decided to take the opportunity  to talk to him and asked him if he would like me to move down so that he could have a seat with his friends. He said, “oh that’d be great.” I said, “you could fucking saying please.” He immediately started shouting “I’M SO SORRY. I AM SO SO SORRY!” I laughed, shook his hand and said “I’m just messing with you. I’m an asshole, I’m sorry.”  Then, we chatted all night. He bought me my favorite drink along with a few shared pitchers and he walked out with my phone number.


We fell hard and fast.  We both remember the first time we saw one another. He says he was intimidated, and I thought he was absolutely adorable. I remember what he was wearing, and he remembers staring directly at my eyes and having to look away. Our attraction to one another was instant.  We hung out again 2 days after we met, but as a friendly thing. We had both invited the friends that were with us the night we met, but just the one friend could make it. After that night ended, we realized we were beside each other driving home. We stopped at the same red light and waved. He rolled his window down, and I asked him what song he was listening to. He blares the song and starts scream singing, “I’M BAD AT LOOOOVE!” by Halsey.  Greg can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so this was just him being unapologetically and genuinely himself. Minutes after that, I receive a text from him. He told me that he had a great night and I asked him where he lived since we went the same direction. We realized that we only lived about a mile from one another. We talked a little more via text. I was still convinced that this guy was only looking at me in a friendly way because he was way out of my league. Then he said, “you ARE single, right?” Instinctively, once he gave me that confidence of him being interested in me, I knew something was different. That was a Monday night.  The following Saturday, my friend’s band was playing a show at a local brewery, so I invited him. He was so excited to come to this show that he put a tip in with his neighbor who was a hostess there to get us the best seat for the band. Normally, this situation would leave me crippled with anxiety.  But not this time.  I was so excited to spend some time with him surrounded by some of my closest friends on the planet. At one point during the show, I had to go to the bathroom. As I was heading to the bathroom, he comes walking out of the men’s restroom. We stop in the hallway and I, without thinking or hesitation, leaned in and kissed him. This action is so not my character at all. This is something I have never done it before. I’ve always been very shy with men. But ever since Greg told me he was interested in me, I have felt like the most confident girl in the room. After the kiss, we both returned to the table where he grabbed my hand and held it all night long. At the end of the show, I told him I wanted to introduce him to the band.  One member of the band is one of my oldest and dearest friends on the planet whose feelings and opinions I have always cherished. Greg had walked away at one point after meeting him, and my friend asked me who he was. I very confidently said, “oh… That’s my future boo.”  To which my friend replied, “it is so nice to see someone look at you with loving eyes.” That was the night that we got each other hook, line and sinker. It was only a few days later that he told me he loved me. I didn’t think he was serious because he tells his friends he loves them. Then 11 days after we met, he said it again. This time, I didn’t hold back.  We both realized within just days how special we would be to one another.


On our yearly Outer Banks vacation, we enjoy taking sunrise walks.  So, we planned to go on our walk together the first Monday there because it was to be the most beautiful morning weather-wise. Poor Greg went a little too hard boogie boarding the day before and was suffering from a bum knee when we woke up. I told him that it was okay, we can put it off for another day. He insisted that it needed to happen that morning. So, we got dressed to go on our stroll, grabbed some blankets to sit on, and he suggested we grab a drink to share. I waited for him to get the drink and I thought, ‘he is taking an abnormally long time to get one drink.’  We start walking to the beach and he says, “OH CRAP. I forgot the drink!” I told him it was okay; we could just enjoy it when we got back. He was so bummed with himself, and I never thought twice at what he was doing instead. We start walking down the beach, holding hands and looking for seashells. Knowing that his leg was hurting, I suggested we just sit. He insisted that we keep walking. We finally go about a mile down the beach and he says “what about here?” We lay down our blankets and continue to look for shells. I got so excited because I found my first 2 conch shells ever. Then Greg said, “whoa, whoa! Don’t step on that!” I look down and see a small, blue seashell that looked like something someone lost behind them. I picked it up, opened it and there was a beautiful ring inside. I turn to look at Greg who is on one knee, asking me to be his wife. I immediately just start crying and bring his head into me to hug him. He stands, we put the ring on my finger, and we sit in the moment for a while. When we started walking back to the house, a woman who was just doing yoga on the beach comes running to us. She asks us if she got engaged, and we said yes. She said, “I’ve seen a few couples get engaged here this week, but your reaction was the most beautiful one I’ve seen. You just looked so genuine that you made me cry.”  She also told us that while doing their yoga, her boyfriend was rolling prayer tobacco.  While he was praying for love with this tobacco is when they saw Greg drop to his knee. Then she sent us a beautiful photo of us that she captured with the sunset behind us as soon as he stood back up.


We’re most excited about using this time to continue to bond new ways creatively to plan the event of the century for ourselves and our loved ones. We are excited to find creative ways to include our friends and family that are most special to us, while simultaneously finding ways to represent us as a couple, and really let our love shine through on our special day.


“At The End Of A Bar” (thank you, Chris Young, for that one!)


Lottery win of the century


Individually, we both worked really hard to find the best versions of ourselves before we came together.  When we came together as a couple, we made a point to continue to put our happiness and friendship first.  We strive to always be each other’s best friends, and we work hard at continuing to date one another despite the chaos of life.  We both put a conscious effort into mutual respect and recognition, and to never have expectations of one another. We feel that these are the biggest factors for us as a couple to continue to be happy both with ourselves and with one another.