Kat & Derek’s Engagement Session Rocky Ridge County Park & Alpacas of York York PA

April 29, 2021

Kat & Derek’s Engagement Session, Rocky Ridge County Park, York, PA & Alpacas of York, York, PA



What a fun and unique experience!  Kat & Derek were one of our winners for a Free Engagement Session Experience with Shay Scala Photography.  We started off with some amazing photos at Rocky Ridge County Park.  In their love story, they wrote how much Kat LOVES Alpacas and would love to have her own Alpaca farm one day.  At that point I contacted an AMAZING woman at Alpacas of York to see if they would allow us to come to their farm to do an Engagement Session.  We were blessed with the fact that she said yes.  They plan to get married at Stoltzfus Homestead Gardens in August of 2022.  Shay Scala Photography wishes them a lifetime of happiness!  Here is their love story told in their own words.


We meet at work at the Hershey Medical Center. We both work in the outpatient pharmacy.


When Derek was first hired on in the pharmacy, I knew he was really attractive and smart. I learned as time went on that he was also funny, caring and kind. We would flirt back and forth at work. As the “residential work party planner” I would plan events and do anything I could to get him to come just so I could spend any amount of time with me. Everyone at work always commented about how we would make a cute couple and how we jut seemed to click really well. After a year of this back and forth between us, I decided to be brave. A bunch of co-workers went to Primanti Bros and Dave and Busters for a fun filled Saturday. Derek and I were inseparable that night. After we left, we were texting and talking about how much fun we had together. I asked him to dinner that night We had our first date at TJ Rockwell’s. it was perfect, only a small amount of awkwardness. Unbeknownst to us, the  entire world shut down the following week due to Covid restrictions. While some may think that would be a death sentence to any relationship, for us it allowed our connection to grow strong without any input from the real world. We spent our weekdays at work and texting non stop at night and our weekends at either of our parents houses or finding new parks and nature preserves to ‘”go get lost in” We talked and connected on such a deep level it made us stronger as a couple. we moved in with each other after 6 months and it has been amazing ever since. I know it’s only been a year, but I feel like we’ve known each other forever. We can have serious conversations about the future, or we can end up in a fit of giggles and laughter over something small and seemingly stupid. We can truly be ourselves with each other.


We started talking about marriage about 6 or 7 months in. Not in a specific sense but just where we saw our lives going in the future. I would try to sprinkle in the topic of my ring size or the style of rings that I really liked. In typical guy fashion he looked but didn’t retain much but my ring size (haha). It was about 3 weeks before our 1 year anniversary and Derek started to drop comments like “we should go ring shopping” After the third time I knew something was up. I figured he wanted the ring to be able to propose at our 1 year. I had a whole weekend planned of little day trips planned and some of the places we were going to would be very cute proposal places. So Saturday February 13th we set off to go ring shopping. When we got to the jewelry store we got to it. I was toying with the idea of a couple bands, and he decided on the infinity style band (my favorite style). Once we settled on the band and found the diamond to match, I asked if we would be able to get the ring same day (so he would have it for when he was ready) They told us that they could have it ready for about 5pm that day. We left to head to the Lititz Fire and Ice festival. We had just got to Lititz when Derek received a call. It was the jewelry store calling to tell him the ring wouldn’t be ready that day because there was a gas leak in the store. We were obviously bummed but I knew it would be ok and done before our anniversary. Exhausted after the festival, we went home ,to rest a bit before going out to dinner (to celebrate valentines day early to avoid crowds lol). I woke up from my nap to Derek coming out of his office on the phone and being very cryptic. Once the hung up, he looked at me and said ” your ring is ready do you want go get it” OF COURSE I DO!!! We drove all the way back to Lancaster to the jewelry store. Once back in the car, Derek turned to me and said “I don’t want to wait” I was a little taken back and was like what are you talking about, we’re going to dinner once we get home. ” I don’t want to wait to give you this ring. I want you to have it now. Will you marry me?”  My obvious response was a massive yes. We then followed through with our Valentines day dinner at Primanti’s and I haven’t stopped smiling or looking at my ring since.


I was most excited about finding our venue. I always had a dream of getting married in a barn (small town country girl at heart) and we found the most amazing venue that fits the bill and feel of our wedding perfectly. It was my first choice after just seeing the website and pictures but once we saw it in person, holy crap it was so much better. As soon as we got in the car after seeing it, Derek was like “this is the place, no doubt in my mind. I can just see you coming through those barn doors and walking down the aisle to me. I don’t know how I’m not gonna cry seeing you” I think the second biggest thing is going to be dress shopping of course. Being able to have that moment with my mom and his mom (who only has 2 sons) is going to be amazing.


A tale as old as time: Beauty and the Stubborn Beast.


Perfectly made for each other.


Obviously each other, but a really close second is the relationships we have with each others families. The way Derek created a relationship with my brothers (who mean the world to me) makes me love him more. The way that he integrated himself in with my parents and created a bond with them and the way they accepted him is amazing. I did the same thing with his family. I would sit and watch sports ( I was never really into sports…like at all) every Sunday. I would hang out with Derek and his brother and watch tv or movies. It also helped that they are a big food family and I always brought some sort of dip or treat with me.  We really did create a long lasting bond with our families as well as with ourselves.